After news that he received 54 million litigation .. Amr Adeeb by singer Omar Kamal: a spirit for Jacques and suffocating with him and saying I want my right


The singer Omar Kamal said that what is rumored about Shakush being paid 54 million pounds annually is incorrect, and there is something wrong, and YouTube pays for the duration of watching the ads in the video, not just the number of views.

Adeeb added, during the story program, broadcast on MBC Egypt, my dispute with Shakoush due to deliberate marginalization, and not giving me my literary right in the press and the media. Khellani briefed him at the stadium party, “noting that after his singing of the neighbors’ daughter and the fame she achieved, his wages in parties and weddings only increased by 3,000 pounds, and we take into account the conditions of the people.”Adeeb” Omar Kamal joked: “How much is his reward, and you increase by 3000 pounds after the intervention. A spirit of suffocation with a hammer and his saying, want to be right.”


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