After playing the dance video in the classroom .. Education, check the occurrence of a hookah in a school on October 6


Spread on the social networking site Facebook Pictures are said to have been taken from inside the Kawthar School of the 6th October Administration in Giza.

These photos showed a hookah inside the school.

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The publisher of these pictures wrote on Facebook a distress to Dr. Tariq Shawky Wazir Education And Dr. Reza Hegazy, Deputy Minister of Education, said in it: Right, Minister of Education !!! .. Al-Kawthar School, 6th October Educational Administration, which was newly converted by a decision of the Director of Giza Educational Directorate for public and experimental schools. Here is the school and has a hookah on the teacher’s office and with it the used honey, and here is the charcoal that is heated until it is presented in the required image, and here are the students dancing with them Musical instruments and some jumping from the walls to escape the school day. Are schools run this way !!! Message to Dr. Reda Hegazy, Deputy Minister for Public Education and Teacher Affairs

For his part, Dr. Reza Hijazi, Deputy Minister of Education for Teacher Affairs and Public Education, said in a special statement to Sada Al-Balad site: This incident has been transferred to legal affairs to ensure its validity.

The Deputy Minister of Education indicated that all necessary legal measures will be taken towards those involved in this incident, if the correctness of their occurrence within the said school is confirmed.

Today, another unfortunate incident in a school in Menoufia governorate also witnessed that, in Al-Farouq Secondary School in Sadat City, students listened to folk songs in the classroom, and played a video of a dancer on the electronic screen in the classroom.

The Protection Committee at Al-Farouq Secondary School in Sadat City decided to separate 22 students 3 days, and separated them 15 days by the Protection Committee of the Educational Administration. Students were advised that in the event of the occurrence of the incident, they will be permanently dismissed, and the headmaster and 15 teachers were referred for urgent investigation of the incident.

Dr. Mukhtar Shaheen, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education in Menoufia, decided to exclude the headmaster and 5 of the teachers supervising the school day from the Sadat Department in Menoufia, after investigations were concluded in the incident of watching a number of Farouk secondary school students in Sadat City for a video dancing on the smart board in the classroom.

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