After Salah announced the name of his new baby, learn about the meaning of “an entity” and the characteristics of his bearer


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The family of the Egyptian national team and the star of the English club Liverpool revealed that he had a new baby, whose wife gave birth in a hospital in the British capital.

On this occasion, Mohamed Salah will visit Egypt in late March, to celebrate it in Gharbia Governorate with his family. The Liverpool club superstar chose for his newborn the name “Kayan”, which is one of the unconventional names that you may not know its meaning when you hear it for the first time, so we offer you the meaning of the name “Kia” and the characteristics of its holder.

The name «entity» is the name of a feminine Arab flag, and according to the dictionary of meanings of names, it means nature, it also means existence and a sense of self.

As for psychology, this name refers to beauty and origin, as its bearer is characterized by kind heartedness and calmness of character.

And about the personal characteristics of the girl who bears the name «entity», they are calm, purity, decent morals, good thought and attraction, but she is also sharp in her speech.

She also bears the name «entity» as a social figure of the first class, but also moody, and it also tends to be ambiguous as it does not tend to justify its actions in front of others.
It is characterized by love of success, excellence and aversion to failure, and is characterized by maturity and the ability to make a decision.

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