After taxation .. Find out about the new prices for cigarettes and tobacco


The Tax Authority confirmed that, by following up on the local markets, there was a noticeable discrepancy in the prices of selling cigarettes from one place to another, which necessitated updating the unified table for these prices, in light of the actual prices at which cigarettes are currently sold, especially that some stores exaggerated the sale, taking advantage of the lack of citizens checking In their prices.

A statement by the Egyptian Tax Authority stated that coordination has been made with the relevant authorities of the Ministry of Supply and the Consumer Protection Agency to ensure adherence to the sale of cigarettes at the prices specified in the unified schedule so that inspectors of the regulatory agencies carry out periodic campaigns to adjust anyone who violates the updated standard table and sell cigarettes at higher prices The advertiser, and referring it to legal accountability and investigation, in a way that contributes to controlling the local market, preventing any attempt to exploit the citizens, and ensuring selling at the actual value without exaggeration.The statement added that all shops selling tobacco and cigarettes will be obligated to announce the unified price table in a clear place and sell them to the consumer.

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