After the arrival of “Corona” in Iran .. Sistani talks about the “imminent danger”


The supreme Shiite cleric in Iraq, Ayatollah Ali Al-Sistani, warned Friday of the “imminent danger” posed by the emerging Corona virus to Iraq, coinciding with the tightening of government measures to prevent the entry of the epidemic that has begun to spread in neighboring Iran.

“There are many problems in health institutions in Iraq, and fundamental solutions must be found to those problems,” said representative of the authority, Ahmad Al-Safi, in his Friday sermon in Karbala.

He added that “the preparations must be severe and at its highest levels with the level of this Corona virus, and that the responsible authorities should be at the level of the danger present in Iraq.”

Al-Safi called “the concerned health authorities to indicate the risks and methods of treatment and the need for health institutions to be prepared at the highest level possible and at the level of responsibility to raise the capacity of those institutions and ward off danger from society and the country.”

On Thursday, the Iraqi authorities decided to prevent expatriates from Iran from entering their territories through all border crossings, after registering deaths of the new Corona virus in Qom, excluding the Iraqis who want to return to their country and who will have to submit to a quarantine.

Iraqi Airways suspended flights to Iran until further notice, while it is not yet clear whether Iranian aircraft will also be prevented from landing at Baghdad Airport.

On Friday, the Iranian Ministry of Health announced the death of two people out of 13 new cases of the new Corona virus in the Islamic Republic, bringing the death toll from the disease in this country to four deaths, and the number of infected people to 18.


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