After the autopsy of a deceased by Corona .. Scientists discover the cause of death


Chinese specialists conducted an autopsy on the body of a patient who died from pneumonia as a result of being infected with the Coronavirus.The Chinese medical group found that the infection mainly affected the lungs and that there were no clear signs of damage to tissues and other organs in the body of the deceased, according to a website (Russia Today) reported, quoting Linta Rowe.

The group report said that the virus causes infections in the bronchi and pulmonary vesicles and during that, the lung tissue is also damaged and shows forms of fibrosis, less evident than it is in disease (acute respiratory syndrome or atypical pneumonia), but during that it appears swelling in the lungs Sharper.

It is also noted in the alveoli, the presence of viscous liquid leakage, which explains the feeling of dumping felt by the patient during serious and critical cases.

The report pointed out that the results of a study of the effect of the COVID-19 virus on the heart, kidneys, brain, spleen and gastrointestinal tract are still not convincing and need more studies and research to determine the extent of damage that these organs cause as a result of the said disease.

This is partly because the autopsied bodies belong to 11 people between the ages of 52 and 80, and their body parts can suffer from other health problems.

The report says, that a small amount of secretion can leak from the lungs to the chest cavity and as a result the virus can enter the heart.

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