Ahmed Al-Awadi explains the fact that he is linked to “Yasmine Abdel Aziz” (video)


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The artist Ahmed Al-Awadi raised a state of controversy again about a story related to the artist Yasmine Abdelaziz, after talking about it, during his meeting on the evening program DMC.

Al-Awadi said that he “did not speak or post any posts on social media, confirming his association with the artist Yasmine Abdel Aziz.”

He added, “There was someone asking me about the girl of my dreams, so I said that the girl of my dreams should be a girl of a country, a stump, and her blood is light.”

Al-Awadhi had published several photos that the artist collected, especially on her birthday, and there were rumors of their relationship, especially after Al-Awadhi’s announcement that his engagement was broken, which made some people repeat the existence of a relationship between him and Yasmine Abdel Aziz.


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