Ahmed al-Fishawi publishes photos of his female offender as a punishment for inciting his daughter to strip naked in front of the camera


The differences between the artist Ahmed al-Fishawi and his wife Hind al-Hinnawi are still renewed from time to time, especially after the controversial pictures of his daughter Lina.Sanaa Lahzhi – the lawyer of the artist Ahmed Al-Fishawi – submitted a number of photos of embarrassing documents concerning his ex-wife and the mother of his daughter Lina, Hind Al-Hinnawi.

These documents are explained by Sanaa, confirming that one of them confirms the verdict of Hind Al-Hinnawi being imprisoned after being caught in a drunken state, and that she fled to England because she is married to an Egyptian man who holds English citizenship and not to teach her daughter Lina.

She added: Linas stay with her mother in England with her mother is illegal because the nursery fell for the mother, and the artist Ahmed al-Fishawi sent many warnings to Linas grandmother for her mother in order to annex her to her without success.

And she continued: I tell Linas mother and her grandmother (if she is not ashamed then do whatever she wants), as she took her from the child Lina as a way to get money from her father, and they facilitated everything that contradicts religion and traditions until she published nude photos on her page.


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