Ahmed El-Sakka breaks the nose of a “spider” team … I know what the reason is


Star photos Ahmed El Sakka last Thursday A number of action scenes from his new movie “Spider”, in the decoration of a Chinese restaurant. As a result of this scene, a person from the action designer and action team Andrew suffered a fracture in the nose, and one of the work makers from the production team took him to a hospital at once, and the movie is scheduled to be shown in The next Eid Al-Fitr season.

The movie “The Spider” directed by Ahmed Nader Jalal and written by Mohamed Nair, where he portrayed Sakka in many different places, including outdoor streets and studios. The spider events revolve around the security men chases the mafia and gangs, and the Sakka plays the role of a famous person writes about him in newspapers and magazines and everyone searches for “Aknabout” , Revealing his true identity, especially since throughout the events of the film he wore a mask and a black suit in every operation he performed.

Al-Sakka enters the mafia world because of his brother, Zafir Al-Abidin, who returns from abroad, and enters into conflicts with him during the events, and many surprises occur, especially as Zafir appears as a big businessman, and he has many big projects in Egypt, and one of his projects is exposed to a major accident.

The movie “The Spider” is set in a frame of excitement and suspense, which is usually the stalk in his films, as well as dangerous action scenes that he performs himself without the use of Doppler.. The Spider, “starring Ahmed Al-Saqqa, Mona Zaki and Zafar Al-Abideen, in addition to each of the artist Mohamed Lotfy, the artist Ahmed Fouad Selim, the artist Zaki Fateen Abdel-Wahab, the artist Yousra El-Lozy and the artist Reem Mostafa and the work written by Mohamed Nair and directed by Ahmed Nader Jalal.

The star, Ahmed El-Sakka, recently visited the program its show time Dina Huwaideq and Maha Al-Saghir, on the channel CBCAnd he talked about the most important advice he remembers from his father is the phrase “Awkward, it is impossible for my son”, as he was always advising him to be humble and accompanying people, revealing that the action shots in his films are like the scene of “burning it” in the Al Jazeera movie, and I jumped in the Nile with a Tito movie, and an emergency escape made With it himself without the help of Doppler, where he trains and studies it.

The artist asserted that he is the most cast of his generation abroad, and that, according to his experience and experiences, he can say that in Egypt now, there are good technicians to implement films..

Al-Saqa stressed that at the beginning he was not convinced on social media because he is a “free man of blood”, saying that good words raise his spirits, but anyone who exceeds the right of his household does not tolerate him.


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