Ahmed Fahmy congratulates his brother’s wife on her distant – photo


The Egyptian artist Ahmed Fahmy congratulated his brother Karim Dalidas wife on the occasion of her birthday today, and published a photo they collected for the first time alone without the presence of his brother or wife here ascetic.

He wrote: (Happy New Year, sweetheart).

Ahmed has a wonderful relationship with his brother, and he has always recounted how he loves, respects, and learns a lot from him, both of whom are the most successful actors in Egypt and the Egyptians love them because they are respectful and do not envy competitors as others.

Ahmed regards Dalida as his sister, as Karim does with Hana Al-Zahid. They keep the four together on most family occasions and do not part, and we have never heard them fight or leak their personal news in order to create a negative fame they do not need.

Ahmed Fahmy and his brother Karim Dalidas wife


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