Ahmed Jalal reveals the scenes of Zamalek’s withdrawal from the top game … video


Sports critic Ahmed Jalal said that the tone of Zamalek’s failure to compete in the summit match, which was scheduled for yesterday, Monday, appeared six days before Al-Ahly’s confrontation.

Ahmed Jalal added, during the “Match” program, presented by Hani Hathout, on “Saddi Al-Balad” channel, that the Zamalek administration did not move officially to postpone the match, but rather were statements only from Al-Abyad officials.

Ahmed Jalal explained that the first team of Zamalek was refusing to face the summit, due to the large number of injuries and stress experienced by the players.

Ahmed Jalal indicated that the absence of Ashraf Sobhi, the Minister of Sports, from the scene came due to the criticisms leveled against him when he intervened to end the crisis of the summit that emerged last October.


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