Aisha bin Ahmed reveals to Al Arabiya Net her red lines


Source: Arabic.Net – Mohamed Ahmed

Tunisian actress Aicha Ben Ahmed has succeeded in providing many important and distinguished roles in Egyptian drama and cinema.

In an exclusive interview with, Aisha talked about her recent participation in the “Filos” movie with Tamer Hosni, and the movie “Dream of My Life” with Hassan Al-Raddad, as well as about her experience in the “Eagle of Upper Egypt” series.

The artist revealed her red lines in artistic choices, and her opinion on the social medias control of events.

Aisha bin Ahmed
Aisha bin Ahmed

Tell us about your participation in “The Money” .. What is the reason for your enthusiasm to accept it?

The film “The Fluus” with the artist Tamer Hosni is my second work in the Egyptian cinema after the “cell” with the artist Ahmed Ezz. The cinema has a great role in sparkling and opening the doors. Although I presented in the cell a small role, but it opened me important doors and the reason for choosing me was the role of Layla In the series “Eagle of Upper Egypt”, which I consider to be one of the most important roles in the drama. I accepted to work in “The Money” because I was very eager to work with the artist Tamer Hosni, so I like it very much, because it combines content, success and lightness, and I saw that I would gain by participating in “the money” on the technical and public level, so Tamer enjoys very great popularity and craftsmanship, and that The combination of the role I played I was looking for heavily, she is a capricious girl with bewildering vehicles and her relationship to events and characters surprising the audience.

You stated that you played a role in which you rebelled in the movie “The Money” .. What did you mean?

Since my presence in Egypt, I have presented relatively different roles, but they were very similar to each other, but in the money movie, my role is completely different in terms of form and composition, and I feel that I am in a stage that needs to be varied in my roles and rebel against traditionalism or similarity, and this is what I meant by the rebellion .

Are you looking to be in commercials with high visibility and exposure?

I do not like to classify businesses and say that this is commercial, and this is public, and this is elitist. I like being in all kinds of businesses of all kinds.

I think this is the goal of the artist in general, and the best proof of my words is that in the year in which I presented the series “Eagle of Upper Egypt”, I participated in the starring of the series “The Rogue Arrows”, and they are completely different in everything from content to the quality of the target audience, and in fact, I do not plan to exist In commercial films with only big stars, or others that only the elite see, but in a more accurate and honest sense I look for a balance between the two and achieve satisfaction, difference and diversity.

Aisha bin Ahmed
Aisha bin Ahmed

What about your new movie “Dream of My Life” with Hassan Al-Raddad?

I finished filming all the viewers in the movie with Hassan Al-Raddad, it was filmed between Egypt and Paris.

I was nominated by the director Othman Abu Laban, and he gave me the script to read it, and as soon as I read it I agreed immediately, because I found the topic different and the role well, and I bet on the success of the film, which is supposed to be shown soon.

What is the reason for your extreme confidence in the success of the movie “My Life’s Dream” .. Why did you bet on it?

The events of the film are new and different, and have not been touched before. The events take place in a context of romance, a kind that is a guarantee of success. I present in the movie more than one character, and this in itself is a big challenge for me, and I bet on the “dream of my life” because the audience will discover that it is different from the type of works that have been circulating recently, as it is a type that Egyptian cinema has been missing for a long time, and in my opinion it will create a wonderful and smooth romantic situation.

Aisha bin Ahmed
Aisha bin Ahmed

Why do you apologize for participating in the “Big Brother” series?

The problem is that the series belongs to the quality of the very long series, and I reject this type, but in the event that there is work I guarantee that its quality will not be affected by its episodes that reach 45 or 60, at the level of the scenario and the output and the image, I will agree to it.

What are your red lines?

The red lines for me are not scenes of temptation and the like. Rather, my red lines return to paper, the bad scenario and the ineffective role that does not add anything to me.

I am looking for an important role even in comedy, and I refuse to play any role without thinking if I do not like its composition.

Aisha bin Ahmed
Aisha bin Ahmed

It is said that you are a very serious person in your work .. What is your response?

I am serious about choices, I do not like being easy, I love challenging and learning everything new, and any field I find needs training, acting is not an easy profession but it needs a lot of focus.

Aisha bin Ahmed
Aisha bin Ahmed

What about the means of communication, their role and control?

I understand the importance of social networking sites and the size of their current control, and I am interested in communicating with the audience through them, but with standards and limits, despite their extreme importance in spreading and serving the artist, but if they exceed their limit, from my point of view the star loses its luster, because it will always be available, and when the audience criticizes him He responds to them and may put himself in unnecessary problems, so I treat social media with caution.


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