Al-Ahly bus is looking for ways to harness the Sundowns to light its advice


Al-Ahly bus continues to search for a way to regain the CAF Champions League title, which has been absent from the club’s championship for seven years, when the team faces a tough competitor, the South African Sundowns, at six in the evening today, Saturday, at Cairo International Stadium.

Al-Ahly wants to achieve a positive result by going to the quarter-finals of the Champions League, one week before running for the return match in the stronghold of the South African team at Lucas Moribi’s stadium.

Despite the great advantage in direct confrontations that are in the interest of Al-Ahly against the Sundowns, where the historical hero of the African continent beat the team called “Brazilians” 3 times out of 6 confrontations and lost only one, but the psychological obstacle is the big loss of 5-0 last year .

But Swiss coach Rene Weiler reduced this aspect, saying: “I don’t like talking about the past. I always prepare players for matches, but I don’t think about the loss suffered by the team last season.”

As for Sundown’s coach Pitsu Musimani, he said: “I’ve never seen a team come here before to beat Al-Ahly, give me the name of a team that did it recently? If a competitor says he came to win here, he will lose from Al-Ahly by five.”

Al-Ahly’s list witnessed the exclusion of Mahmoud Abdel Moneim “Kahraba” from the match, as the club decided to freeze it against the backdrop of the Egyptian Super events.

Al-Ahly, goalkeeper Sherif Ekrami, is also absent from veteran field midfielder Hossam Ashour, who is excluded from the accounts of technical director Saleh Jumaa, and the absence of the injured Ramadan Sobhi continues, in addition to the left defender Mahmoud Waheed.

As for the Sundowns’ absence, the coach explained, “We have injuries in the team, we will play without the right wing and right back, but goalkeeper Onyango is available to participate like the rest of the players.”

Match card

Timing: 6:00 pm

Date: February 29, 2020

Conveying channel: PN Sports HD1

Match stadium: Cairo International Stadium


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