Al-Ahly decides to escalate the events of Omdurman to Kef after the “mass invasion”


Al-Ahly decided to file an official complaint with the Confederation of African Football (CAF) against the Sudanese Al-Hilal club in Al-Akhir Stadium yesterday evening, Saturday, due to the events that took place in the two teams’ match yesterday, during which the stadium of the match was transformed into a “military barracks”, andAl-Ahly tied with Al-Hilal 1/1 At the end of the group stage in the African Champions League, Al-Ahmar qualified for the quarter-finals after finishing second in the group with 11 points, accompanied by the leading star with 12 points.

Al-Ahly used videos and pictures from the events of the match, especially as things reached a climax on the field after bottles were thrown at Al-Ahly players and fans descended on the field and police dogs appeared as the situation was not good in the booth of the visitors, where chairs were thrown at Al-Ahly’s delegation, which included Mahmoud Al-Khatib, head The club and Tariq Qandil, a member of the board of directors, in Mashhad does not express the generosity of hospitality accorded to the brotherly Sudanese people. Al-Ahly officials demand Hani Aburaida, member of the executive offices of the Egyptian and African federations, to support the Al-Ahly file in this case by preserving the rights of Al-Ahly Color representative of Egypt in this thorny crisis.

Sayed Abdel Hafeez, director of football in Al-Ahly, said that the match observer for the team, Mam Al-Hilal Al-Sudani, refused to cancel the match after the riots that occurred, explaining that he had spoken with the observer about these exciting events that started in about 75 minutes when some fans landed on the field when Al-Ahly was ahead with a clean goal. The atmosphere flared up after the police landed army forces on the field to secure Al-Ahly in a way that turned the stadium of the match into something like a “military barracks”, which is quite far from football. The ball director continued, saying: I spoke with the match observer during the hot events and found him telling me: If canceled The match will be a disaster now.

Al-Ahly’s match against the Sudanese Crescent in the last quarter of the life of the meeting witnessed exciting riots that started throwing bottles on the field to the players of the team, and the events continued with the descending of some fans on the field, but the security forces chased them as some police dogs appeared on the field amid a charged atmosphere as Some Al-Hilal officials have taken the field to work as a security cordon around Al-Ahly players to secure them in these difficult circumstances, and the football director indicated that Al-Ahly will submit a complete file on the events of this match to the Confederation of African Football “enough” in order to take a decisive stand against these abuses and not to be repeated , Explaining The regulations CAF clear and explicit in this regard as it says: If the referee was forced to stop the match before the end of normal time because of the storming of the field or aggression against the visiting team, the home team is (owner of the land), a loser is eliminated from the competition, without prejudice to the sanctions existing in the regulations“.


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