Al-Ahly demands calculating its victory over Al-Hilal and excluding the Sudanese team from the championship


Student Syed Abdul Hafeez, football manager for Al-Ahly team By applying the African Union Regulations, following the riots that the Sudanese fans stormed from the ground of the Al Hilal match stadium, which they gathered this evening, Saturday, at the Blue Gem Stadium in Omdurman, as part of the conclusion of the group stage competitions in the African Champions League, and ended in a positive tie with a goal for each team .

The text of the African Football Confederation stated that if the referee is forced to stop the match as a result of the crowds of the host team storming the stadium or issuing any aggressive behavior against the away team, the host team will be counted as a loser and excluded from the championship.

Muhammad Majdi Qafsha scored the goal of progressing to Al-Ahly in the 48th minute, and Al-Hilal Abdul Razek Omar was tied in the sixth minute of stoppage time, and thus Al-Ahly climbed to the quarter-finals as the second place with Al-Sahel Al-Saheli who beat Zimbabwe Platino and climbed as the first group with 12 points, while Al-Ahly became 11 points Al-Hilal raised its score to 10 points, and the Zimbabwe champion’s balance stops at one point.

After the Red Genie took the lead in his group, he waited to face one of the leading and qualified teams as the first group, namely, the Tunisian Esperance, the Congolese Mazembe or the South African Sun Downs, and the competitor will be determined according to the African Union lottery.

He qualified from the first group Mazembe the Congolese in the first place with 14 points, and Zamalek in second place with 9 points, and qualified from the second group the coastal star with 12 points, and Al-Ahly in second place with 11 points, and from the third group the first Sun Downs with 14 points, and Al-Wadad The athlete has 9 points, and in the fourth set, Esperance qualified as the first with 11 points, and the Moroccan Raja with 11 points.

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