Al-Duhail waives the lead and a disappointing tie between Sharjah and Persepolis


Al-Duhail, Qatar, lost its important match to its Saudi Al-Taawun host 2-0 today, Tuesday, in the second stage of Group A matches of the AFC Champions League.

Muhammad Al-Sahlawi and Abdul Majeed Al-Sawwat signed the two-way cooperation (34 and 55), so that the Saudi team would continue its good level and seize its second successive victory, which gave it the group’s lead with 6 points, leaving Al-Duhail in second place with three points.

In the second match in the same group, Sharjah of the United Arab Emirates failed to compensate for its loss in the first stage in front of the cooperation, as was the case with Iranian Persepolis, who lost from Al-Duhail 2-0.

The Sharjah Injured match with its guest Persepolis ended in a 2-2 tie, raising their balance to a single point.

Persepolis advanced on two occasions thanks to Ali Pour (9 and 27) and first moderated the Sharjah by Muhammad Khalfan (25) and the second time through Mindesh (45).


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