Al-Ghandour in response to Al-Sheikh: “Your speech offended the fans of Zamalek … and you


11:10 PM

Wednesday 05 February 2020

Books – Masrawy Editor:

Khaled Al-Ghandour, the presenter of sports programs via the official Zamalek channel, responded to the tweets of Turki Al-Sheikh, the honorary president of Al-Ahly Club.

Al-Ghandour said during the “Zamalkawi” program, that the talk of Chancellor Turki Al-Sheikh harassed the fans of Zamalek, and provoked the players in that month in which Zamalek faces a number of strong matches.

And the former Zamalek star continued: “I address Turki Al Sheikh with the same respectable words in the ball … The Zamalek Club played against the Saudi Hilal with all its stars and world coach and was able to beat him in his own home, a football that does not recognize the current and previous level.”

Turki Al-Sheikh wrote on his Facebook page before the Champions League draw: “I would have liked the lottery allowed us to confront the Zamalek club because it is the easiest and smooth way to cross with my full respect to the Zamalek club and his fans, whom I respect. I speak football and a technical level during this season … Your invitations are mine I need it. “

And he followed it with another post: “The Egyptian league in its modern version, I play 60 times … Al-Ahly won 41 times from them … When we talk about ball and numbers, some people are upset … Is I insulting you? Otherwise I said the facts ?? When I hoped Zamalek in the African lottery, it is The easiest team in the language of numbers … As for the Super Cup, it is an easy and affordable championship … I expect Al Ahly to face more difficulty in retiring Tariq Al-Taib with Al Hilal much more than the Super Cup … This is my footballing point of view with my full respect to all … I express my opinion, which I see … Why are you upset ?? Let them have a sporty spirit … and you are afraid … the effects of anesthesia are beginning to fade. “

Zamalek fell in the face of Tunisian Esperance, while Al-Ahly clashed with South African sandals.

Al-Ahly will meet Al-Hilal Saudi club next March, in the match of retirement of Tariq Al-Taib, the former Al-Hilal star.


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