Al Hilal fans crashes the blue jewel stands


The Sudanese Al-Hilal fans threw water bottles and the stadiums of the Blue Gem Stadium stadiums on the pitch of the team’s match against Al-Hilal in the last round of the African Champions League group stage.

The fans objected to a goal count against Al-Ahly in a ball they thought was a corner kick for Al-Hilal, to stop the match in the 74th minute of its events.

A number of Sudanese fans have attempted to storm the stadium after throwing empty bottles, in an unsuccessful attempt to attack the referee.

The security forces present heavily in the stadium of the match dealt with the peaceful dealing with the individuals who tried to storm the stadium.

After the protests continued and the stands were broken, the security forces protected the referee and the two teams in the midfield field, and this continued until things settled and the game returned in the 84th minute.

Al-Hilal fans storm the match stadium against Al-Ahly

Security controls the riot of the fans of Al-Hilal in front of Al-Ahly


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