Al-Jazeera announcer calls for assassination leads Twitter … A fire came from Ahmed Musa


The hashtag topped # announcer_Al Jazeera_a calls_to assassinate the social networking site Twitter.

The Tweeters confirmed that mAl-Jazeera broadcast in Qatar incites terrorism and the killing of officials It seems that things have unfolded more and more.

And they continued: “Jamal Rayan, by his promotion of the assassination of symbols of Arab countries, is considered a terrorist of the first degree and a threat to the Arab world, and he is one of his arms.”

The journalist Ahmed Moussa said that Jamal Rayan, the broadcaster for Al-Jazeera, is a terrorist no less dangerous than Osama bin Laden.

“The terrorist Jamal Rayan incited murder and assassination in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the Emirates and the Arab Maghreb by forming special teams,” Moussa added, on the program “On My Responsibility” on the Echo Channel, adding that “Gamal Rayan revealed his true face, despite the fact that his family in Palestine sold its lands to Israel.” .

He added, “Your family is the first to betray Palestine and you have nothing to do with the issue. Egypt is the first to support the Palestinian cause since 1948.” Why did you not talk about Erdogan’s son-in-law projects in Tel Aviv?

He continued: “6 billion dollars the volume of commercial transactions between Turkey and Israel, as well as the presence of 13 flights between Tel Aviv and Istanbul daily,” commenting, “You sold the Palestinian cause and we are defending it.”

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