Al-Khatib apologizes for not attending the Al-Ahly and Zamalek summit in Cairo Stadium


I apologize Mahmoud Al-Khatib, head of Al-Ahly Club For not attending the team’s match against Zamalek, scheduled for half past seven today, Monday, at the Cairo Stadium, postponed from the fourth round of the Premier League, while most members of the Board intend to attend the meeting to support and support the team in the game that is still mysterious after Zamalek announced his withdrawal from the league And not to compete with Zamalek.

Brigadier General Mohamed Morgan, Al-Ahly CEO, said that his team will go to the Cairo Stadium on the date set for the Zamalek match, indicating that Al-Ahly respects the regulations and laws, so he will go to the Cairo Stadium in order to run the match away from the announcement of Zamalek Club to withdraw from the League competition and not face Al-Ahly Tonight.

The board of directors of Zamalek decided unanimously yesterday not to complete the league matches in the presence of the five-year committee, headed by Amr Al-Janini, which the White Council described through the club’s official website as illegal.

Morgan stressed that the statement issued by Al-Ahly yesterday did not include any decisions regarding the summit meeting, explaining that the club did not address the issue of not going to the summit or withdrawal from the league, as Al-Ahly confirmed in his statement issued yesterday that he had not received the discipline list for the season for the current, and the Al-Ahly statement came in response to The penalties that were imposed by the Disciplinary Committee after the events of the super match between Al-Ahly and Zamalek, and the decisions of the National Council were as follows:

1Rejecting all penalties issued by the Discipline and Ethics Committee of the Football Association against Al-Ahly players, and not taking them into account for the following reasons:

First: Sanctions were issued according to a list that we were not notified of and we know nothing about, although we have addressed the Football Association three times since the beginning of the season to provide us with a copy of it and we have not received any response, knowing that the interim committee’s amendment of the approved list was neither with the approval of the General Assembly nor with its authorization, And such penalties, according to the original regulations approved by the competence of the Competitions Committee and not the Discipline and Ethics Committee.

Second: Unfair penalties and there are double standards when punishing some, and even did not deter those who committed an outrageous act, and he is the same player who received many previous penalties for matters mostly related to moral turmoil..

Third: The Discipline and Ethics Committee ignored the regulations of the International Football Association, when it signed a retaliatory punishment and decided to stop one of the Al-Ahly players and prevent him from participating in the matches for the end of the season without conducting an investigation with him, which was stipulated in the FIFA regulations, while a penalty was detailed for those who committed Obscene, and deserves the most severe punishment in accordance with international regulations.

Fourth: Sanctions stated in the rationale announced by the Football Association through its official website that it was based on the cameras of the carrier for the events of the match, and the CD presented by the executive director of the Federation and received from Abu Dhabi Media Authority, which is in charge of the televised transmission of the match to survey the violators and verify the facts, which is What was confirmed by Mohamed Fadl, a member of the Provisional Committee of the Football Association in his official statements to the media, and by addressing us to the Abu Dhabi Sports Channel that has the rights to transfer the match, it officially stated that it did not provide the Egyptian Football Association or any official with any movie material Of the events that took place after the match .. This is confirming the falsehood of these decisions and lose credibility in front of the entire public opinion.

2Send a complaint to the International Football Federation against the head of the Provisional Committee of the Football Association, who has abandoned his neutrality while in a position of responsibility. And he ignited the anger of the fans of Al-Ahly by celebrating with the players of the team he belongs to in the corridor leading to their dressing rooms, and it is fixed with videos and photographs, and we did not wish to resort to this step had it not been for the Chairman of the Provisional Committee to leave all the limits of his responsibilities and his actions were an invitation to intolerance in the street Athlete.

3Taking all legal and regulatory measures in accordance with the regulations of the International Football Association, the regulations approved by the Egyptian Federation and the Olympic Charter before all concerned parties and escalation of FIFA and the International Sports Court “Cass” to cancel these decisions that are ridiculous and preserving the rights of the club .. It was also decided to escalate also to the international parties and the complaint of the official who He accuses, insults, and curses without deterrence. Note that the club has already raised a lot from asylum to external parties regarding the exit of this official from public morals. But about what we were officially notified of and that this official complained to the Al-Ahly Club of the International Football Association, claiming that one of his players incited to flee. It is completely false speech and contradicts reality. So we will prosecute him before all international bodies.

4- Preserving the policies and performance of the temporary committee that manages the Football Association, which has not adhered to applying regulations and laws to everyone and not cooperating with it until the end of its responsibility period, especially after the contradictory decisions taken by this committee in the past period in which it sided with some at the expense of the other. Which reflects not standing at the same distance from everyone.


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