Alio Diang: I thank Al Ahly fans … and my team-mates helped me a lot


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Al-Ahly Diang, Al-Ahly’s midfielder, talked about his team’s victory against Pyramids today, Thursday, in the match that brought them together in the 16th round of the Premier League competition.

Allieu Diang managed to lead Al-Ahly to a fatal victory over Pyramids 2-1, after he scored his team’s second goal in the first minute in stoppage time.

“A match was difficult, especially as the opponent scored the goal of progress and after that we came back and scored two goals,” Diang said in an interview on On Sport after the match ended.

He added: “We made a great effort to win a match like this, and score a goal thanks to all my colleagues, not alone, thank the fans and my colleagues who stood by me and helped me to reach this level that I appeared with.”

He concluded: «Our concern, after entering a goal in Maramana, is that we lose the meeting, but we were able to tie and then we achieved the gain and this is calculated for the whole team».


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