Amazon withdraws from MWC 2020 due to Corona virus


The American company “Amazon” has taken a decision that was described as “controversial” due to its concerns about the outbreak of the new “Corona” virus. According to what was reported by Engadget, the specialized technical website, it withdrew from the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona, ​​Spain MWC It is scheduled to start at the end of February.

The American company indicated that it is concerned that participation in the global conference may endanger its employees and conference leaders.

In this way, Amazon joins other companies that decided to withdraw from the Mobile World Congress, the most prominent of which are companies: LG, Nvidia, and Ericsson.And other reports suggested that more companies may also withdraw from the Barcelona conference.

However, Chinese companies tried to reassure the participants of the conference that they “completely cut off” the Chinese employees, and that only their employees in Europe would participate in the conference..

The world conference for phones will start in Barcelona MWC 2020 On February 24, which is the largest event that brings together many smart phone manufacturers from all over the world, but this year, the organizers of the conference may face many difficulties due to the spread of Corona virus in China and some other countries.

It is expected that more than 200 different countries with more than 100 thousand brands participating in the exhibition will participate in the exhibition, but the spread of Corona virus has led to the cancellation and postponement of many trips in Asian countries, as well as the visas of many companies, which led to The difficulty of organizing the activities of the exhibition this year.

According to statistics reported by “Reuters” agency, the virus appeared in at least 27 countries and regions, and 330 cases were discovered outside China, which is a small number compared to more than 37 thousand cases in total in China..

The Chinese authorities had announced earlier today, Monday, the number of deaths of the new “Corona” virus across the country to 908 people, and those infected to more than 40 thousand, noting that 3,281 people infected with the virus had recovered and had been discharged from hospitals.


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