Amr Al-Janaini reveals the penalty for Zamalek’s withdrawal against Al-Ahly in the top game


Amr El-Ganaini, head of the quinquennial committee that manages the Egyptian Football Association, revealed the possible sanctions in the event of a withdrawal Zamalek Ahly in front of the implementation of his promise not to complete the Egyptian Premier League matches.

Al-Ahly faces Zamalek tomorrow, Monday, at the Cairo Stadium, as part of the Egyptian League football.

Zamalek had issued a decision to withdraw from the league competition after the end of the board meeting held this afternoon.

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Amr Al-Janaini said during a phone call via On Sport: “There is a regulation stipulating that the withdrawing team lose 3 points and 6 points by the end of the season, and it happened before in the match between Zamalek and Egypt clearing, and every match that will not go to it, the penalty will be heavy.”

He added: “I did not receive anything officially from Zamalek and everything said in the media.”Al-Ahly Welcome to the stadium, and I hope to hold the match. ”

He continued: “Al-Ahly refuses to deal and sanctions, and the sanctions will be implemented from tomorrow, and the poles are entitled to file a petition and grievance.”

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He concluded: “If their decision to file a complaint with the sports court is welcome, and I swear to God, this does not sadden me, who ruled in the sentences a judge, and there was no interference from anyone said to belong to Al-Ahly and Zamalek, what is this congestion?”


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