Amr Diab announces the postponement of his party in the fifth assembly due to the state of mourning after Mubarak’s death


The plateau Amr Diab decided to postpone his concert, which was scheduled for next Friday, due to the state of mourning the country is going through, due to the death of former President Mohamed Hosni Mubarak, who passed away on Tuesday, at the age of 91.

The official account of the plateau wrote via Instagram: “It was decided to postpone the artist Amr Diab’s concert and his Friday 28/2/2020 in Al-Manara Arena in Fifth Settlement, to Saturday 29/2020 due to the state of mourning the country is going through with the death of former President Mohamed Hosni Mubarak.”

Amr diab
Amr diab

Former President Hosni Mubarak is to be buried in the family cemetery in Heliopolis, where a state of alert prevailed in the area surrounding the graves..

The tomb of the former president is located next to the tombs of the “Thabet” family, to which Suzan Mubarak, the wife of the former president, belongs, next to the Metro Station for Girls ’College in Heliopolis..

The former president, born in Menoufia Governorate, in May 1928, joined the Military College and obtained a Bachelor of Military Science and a Bachelor’s degree in Air Sciences in 1950.He was appointed Director of the Air Force in the context of a campaign to renew the leadership of the armed forces, then as Chief of Staff of the Egyptian Air Force and Commander of the Air Force.

The late President Mohamed Anwar Sadat chose him as his deputy in 1975 and succeeded him in power in 1981.


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