Amr Diab: The square is large, and I am not very happy. We have the reason that I am looking for a good production


Artist Amr Diab said: “In the last three years, I have come down to a great deal of people, and have seen what they hear and like, and satisfy their tastes, and this was the reason behind the development in the songs that I present in my albums.”

“Diab” commented on the spread of festivals, during a telephone conversation with the media Amr Adib, on the program of the story, broadcast on MBC satellite channel Egypt, saying: “The square is large, and the different musical forms exist and will remain, and the audience is different in taste and shapes, and needs different types. Of music, and for 35 years I have been a singer, and I saw many, many things, commenting, “I am doing my work and are so glad, and I don’t worry and always, may God please me.”He added: “Dina El Sherbiny is the reason that I saw the production of Koyes, which is the most important thing in my life,” and Adeeb surprised him on the air by retiring Ayman Bahjat Qamar to compose the songs, so Diab was shocked, commenting, “Ayman, a poet, not easy and a successful person and one of the most important poets, and I believe that the news It is not true, and I always tell him that he is absent from us a lot, because we miss you, and the word he says is not easy, but deny people.


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