Amr Diab will release “Sahranin” album tomorrow and celebrate it with his fans in two shows


Plays the plateau Amr Diab’s new album, “Sahran” tomorrow, Wednesday Corresponding to February 12, he is celebrated with his fans in two concerts, the first on Thursday 13 February in the exhibition ground in Kuwait, where he announced that he will perform a concert there after the absence of 5 years, and the second album concerts will be performed on Friday, February 28, in Al-Manara in the fifth assembly.

Amr Diab concert in Kuwait
Amr Diab concert in Kuwait
Amr Diab's concert in Manara
Amr Diab’s concert in Manara

And the past days have witnessed Amr Diab’s promotion of the album after Promo released more than one song, including “Uncle Al Tayeb”, “Ya Roukank” and “Ya Hayish Afkarkni”, after he revealed the official poster for the album that includes 14 songs, after he released the plateau in the course of last summer 6 songs individually, and they are “first day in the distance”, “day of petals”, “in front of her mirror”, “with his love”, “I am not” and “confuses you.”

Amr Diab cooperates in “Sahran” with many poets, including Tamer Hussein, Khaled Taj Al-Din, Saber Kamal, Ahmed Al-Malki, and composers Aziz Al-Shafi’i, Amr Mostafa, Amr Diab, Muhammad Yahya, Sherif Badr, and distributors Tariq Madkour, Nader Hamdi, Osama Al-Hindi Ramy Samir, in addition to a number of other poets, composers and distributors.

The last concert of the plateau was last Thursday, February 7, in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, where he starred amid a large crowd, presenting a large number of his new songs, and the plateau surprised the audience of the concert by singing a number of his new songs, from his new album scheduled to be released within days, and also sang the audience With a number of old and new songs for him, with which the audience interacted greatly.

Sahran Album Poster
Sahran Album Poster


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