An actress uses her clothes to highlight the diversity problem in the “Oscars” 2020


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Superstar Natalie Portman took advantage of her presence on the red carpet at the Oscars to protest that the best director category had no name. Natalie’s objection came with letters she printed on her clothes that appeared with her, as she decided to decorate the black Cape that she wore with the names of directors who presented distinguished works in 2019.


Among the names came the name of Lauren Scaviara, director of “Hustlers”, Lulu Wang, director of “He Farewell”, Greta Gerwig for “Little Women”, Mariel Heller for “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood”, and Melina Matsukas for “Queen & Slim” and Alma Harel for ” Honey Boy », and others.

Speaking to the Los Angeles Times on the red carpet before the show, Portman said: “I wanted to recognize women who have not been recognized for their great work this year in an attractive way.”



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