An official statement from the government to respond to the news of the spread of “carcinogenic diapers”


10:17 am

Friday, February 14, 2020

Books – Muhammad Ghayat:

The Media Center of the Council of Ministers denied what was raised on some websites and social media pages about the spread of carcinogenic “diapers” baby items on the market.

According to a statement today, Friday, the media center contacted the Ministry of Health and Population, which completely denied these reports, confirming that there is no truth to the spread of children’s supplies containing carcinogens or any other harmful substances, explaining that all the children’s supplies on the market are completely safe and suitable for human use, and conforming To all the standards of the World Health Organization, and it is subject to supervision by the competent authorities in the Ministry, within the framework of the State’s keenness on the health and safety of all children.

The Ministry said that it tightens control on local markets, conduct periodic inspection campaigns on distribution companies, pharmacies, warehouses and private clinics to control markets, and ensure that all health supplies related to children are safe and in compliance with standard specifications, and are suitable for human use and do not contain any unauthorized or harmful to health children.

In the end, the Ministry called on all media and social media users to be careful and objective in disseminating the news, and to communicate with the concerned authorities in the Ministry to make sure before publishing information that is not based on any facts, and leads to confusion among the public opinion, with the importance of returning to the official website of the Ministry (

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