An unusual astronomical phenomenon that affects our emotional state tonight … How do you safely transcend it?


Today, Sunday, the world is witnessing an unusual astronomical phenomenon, the first of its kind in the current decade, and astronomers expect to affect the emotional state of people tonight, especially sensitive personalities.

According to the website “Sputnik”, scientists stated that the giant snow moon will light up the sky, on Sunday night, which is the first giant moon during the current decade, and the name of the snow moon is called on the full moon for the month of February, because it often coincides with heavy snowfall, also known as the Hunger Moon due to conditions The hard catch is at this time of year, and it will be the exact moment of completion, when the moon is directly opposite the sun.

The giant moon appears when the moon is located at the point closest to the Earth in its elliptical orbit. This means that it looks 14% bigger and 30% brighter than usual, when viewed from Earth.

Snowy Moon
Snowy Moon

Astronomer Pavel Globa, in an interview with “Zvezda” channel, talked about how this phenomenon affects the emotional state, noting that this moon particularly affects sensitive people.

For the rest, everything will be fine. Therefore, you should not give in to emotional changes, do not quarrel, behave naturally, follow road safety rules. No need to attach great importance to this. This is essentially psychological. This means that the person at this time becomes less resistant to stress, so it is better for him to control his emotions. ”

The next similar celestial phenomenon, according to astrophysicists, will occur on October 1, 2020.

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