Angham announces that she is suffering from a disturbing disease at the Opera House Theater .. Know the details


The star revealed Angham at her concert at the Egyptian Opera House on the big stageOn the occasion of Valentine’s Day, about her health condition, where she announced that for years she was critical of burning rice straw and the resultant black clouds that affect her respiratory system and thus her voice, except that despite the end of this phenomenon, this year she was surprised with sinus disease which is what It greatly affects her voice.

Angham’s announcement of this sickness came as an illustration of her lack of response to the crowd who praises her with loud cries inside the theater, as she preferred not to respond to the boxes of the audience so that her matter would not be revealed, but she preferred to announce the reason and seize the opportunity to complain to the maestro Hani Farhat and the members of the accompanying music band on the stage.

Melodies in the opera ceremony
Melodies in the opera ceremony

She sang a number of her songs during the concert that she started with the song “I love you and I miss me” and then “A very special case”, the songs “If I Live With You”, “Your Many Assassins”, “Yaritk Fahmi”, “Habayebna”, “Boutossafni”, and “Truce” And “By saying Nesyak”, “Mumtana”, “Aisha Halah”, “Fenj Al Nisan”, “I Support You”, “My Life With You” and “Nizwa”, and she completes her concert with songs and “Give me a look”, and “ Do you love her or not ?, “Your heart and my heart are with me,” “Know her by me,” “Hatta is incomplete” and “I write you a pledge” and “We will give him goodness.” It is scheduled that you will conclude the ceremony with the song “Sidi Wissalak”.

For its part, the Egyptian Opera House will complete Valentine’s Day concerts on Friday 14 February with the Prince of Singing Hani Shaker’s concert on the big stage, at eight oclock in the evening. It is scheduled to present during the ceremony a large group of his famous and distinguished songs, including: “Lessa ask me, forget you are difficult, Iretiny, Oh, I saw you with me, after your love, he promised me, I love you, mistake, the most precious human being, God is my friend on you, your command, if you love, on the story, Jana el-Hawa, tourists, reserve, I am my heart for you, every night, if you go away, like it Oh moon. ”

Khaled Selim’s Valentine’s Day celebrations will also conclude with a concert on Friday 14 February at the Alexandria Opera House at Sayed Darwish Theater. Khaled Selim is scheduled to sing a set of songs, most notably “Dream of My Life”, “Aish”, “Aishna Ada”, “Every Look” For every lover of a homeland, a cup of coffee, when I met you, “O love” for turquoise, “I don’t want”, “blame blame”, “your mind is busy”, “take a beautiful one”, “every lover of me before me” “You are sure of the world of Tani,” in addition to a number of songs of The Beautiful Time by Nightingale Abdel Halim Hafiz, Warda and others.

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