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And why does Mubarak not celebrate the anniversary of his stepping down, or does he not want to hear the biography of this day? .. Do his sons celebrate that they have become more free and less responsible? .. Is it “bad manners” to offer him “Bouquet Rose” on this occasion? .. Is it a painful occasion? .. So why do the people not officially celebrate this occasion? .. And why does the political system not celebrate the anniversary of stepping down? .. Is it not the legitimate son of the January 25 revolution?!

Was Mubarak’s stepping-down, for example, “Do not be sensitive” to Egypt, or did we move after him to a different world, politically and economically, and we became more free? .. Is the reason for this feeling that the media is owned by a handful of Mubarak’s men, or because the revolution did not present a project for the renaissance. Or did the terror and blood that took place after that cause hatred of the revolution and its men? .. Do the people still say, “Not a single day of Mubarak?”!

And the most important question: Has we changed for the better or not? .. The answer is that we have now become a recognized military force, and our great army has become the ninth army in the world, before Iran, Turkey, Israel, Germany and others … and we have our weapons, we have our independence, and we have more reserves in the central bank. And the conditions of slum residents improved … and millions of them moved to live in human and civilized housing!

Also, the size of the roads, bridges, and tunnels that were established exceeds that of half a century ago .. Noting the quality standards .. Politically, Egypt is better..and economically, we are now better .. Why do we not celebrate this qualitative shift if it is? .. Are we running away from talking about Revolt and step down and announce our hatred for the revolution and revolutionaries? .. How do you see the day you step down now after nine years have passed? .. Do you see that it is the best day in the history of Egypt or black on the day it happened?!

Do we still remember the face of Major General Omar Suleiman when he announced the news of his stepping down? .. Was the great late known as our destiny to which Egypt will descend? Did the confusion that was on the face of the first intelligence man, especially when he says: God, the conciliator and the helper? Are we happy because we got rid of the Brotherhood and got rid of the inheritance project … and we moved to the future with national projects that were achieved at unprecedented rates?!

Finally, is the day of stepping down as a day for the Egyptians, or is it a day that the Egyptians should be absolved of?? In the sense of do we officially celebrate it, or do we curse it with the cursed?!

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