Announcing the acceptance of a new batch of university graduates in the Military College … Learn about specializations and conditions


Lieutenant General Muhammad Zaki, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Minister of Defense and Military Production, approved the acceptance of a new batch of university graduates in the Military College in the May 2020 batch, which includes batches (116) doctors and (66) mixed, and batch No. (108) chiefs of nursing stated by Major General A H / Ashraf Fares, Director of the Military College, Director of the Office for Coordination of Colleges and Military Institutes during the proceedings of the press conference held at the Military College headquarters to announce the conditions for acceptance of the new payments.

The director of the Military College pointed out that the required specializations of males include human medicine, veterinary medicine, dentistry and pharmacy from males holding a postgraduate diploma, master’s or doctorate, and human physicians can nominate to work as faculty members of the Faculty of Medicine of the Armed Forces if he passes the criteria and tests eligible for that.The doctors’ batch must not exceed the age of 1/4/2020 for human and dental doctors who hold a postgraduate diploma or master’s degree for (34) years and have a PhD degree of (38) years, and veterinarians and pharmacists who hold a postgraduate diploma or master’s degree for (30) years and those holding a PhD degree (34) years.

As for the required specializations from university graduates for a batch (66) mixed, the applicant must be a male who holds a postgraduate diploma, master’s or doctorate degree in the following disciplines of the following sciences (special chemistry – double chemistry – microbiology – biochemistry – animal – biological – geology – Physics – Analytical Chemistry – Computers and Information Technology)

In addition to males who hold a postgraduate diploma, master’s or doctorate degree from the Faculties of Computers, Information, Law, and Trade (Accounting), Agriculture, Physical Education, Languages ​​(English – Hebrew – German – French – Japanese – Arabic), Economics, Political Science, Arts, Psychology, Sociology, Media, and Journalism A cinema and fine arts “sculpting and drawing” and musical education, provided that the age of 1/4/2020 for those with a postgraduate diploma or masters degree is no more than 30 years and those with a PhD degree are (34) years old.

With regard to the required specializations from females, the applicant must hold a postgraduate diploma, master’s or doctorate degree in pharmacology, psychology, and nursing heads, and must not be older than 1/4/2020 for a graduate diploma or master’s degree of more than 30 years And hold a doctorate degree for (34) years.

With regard to the general conditions for admission, it is required for all applicants that the applicant, his parents, and grandparents be Egyptian, unearned or applying to acquire any nationality of another country, and that the applicant has not previously been convicted of a criminal penalty or a crime against honor, that he be of good conduct and dismissal, and that he have not resigned or dismissed Disciplinary from any college, institute or school, and not be exempted from military service for lack of medical fitness, and that the statement of the recruitment transaction is attached and extracted from the recruitment administration or the recruitment area of ​​the applicant and the length is not less than (170) cm for males and (155) Female poison

And to be medically fit for the conditions of medical fitness prescribed by the medical commissions of the armed forces, and it is not permissible to re-examine the medical student in the same batch applied for in the event of lack of medical fitness, to pass the physical fitness tests, and to successfully perform the jump jump test in the pool from a height of 7.5 meters Without hesitation for the first time, and to successfully pass the psychological tests and general medical offer which includes advanced medical analyzes, and to pass the personal test (body examination), and that the applicant to apply for written pledges that include full compliance with the conditions of progress of the Military College with emphasis on The data included in the admission papers on the basis of which the student was admitted are valid throughout the period and quality of the college, and that he holds a qualification from public and private universities.

Reserve officers, assigned officers, and members of the armed forces currently in service are allowed to apply for this batch with the same conditions and controls, and the applicant must hold a postgraduate diploma, master’s or doctorate in the same discipline.

The period of study is one academic year for all majors, and the graduate is granted a certificate of completion of the military study, bearing in mind that the door for the admission files will be opened from the main office in the Military College in Heliopolis on Monday, 24/2/220

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