Apple warns of declining revenue and cause corona


The impact of the spread of the Corona virus is still widespread on international technology companies, after the virus caused the cancellation of the MWC for this year, Apple revealed today that it will not be able to achieve the expected returns for the current financial quarter due to the virus, as companies usually publish their expectations of returns Total in the following fiscal quarter, and within its quarterly results, Apple has confirmed that the production, supplies and sales of iPhone phones have been suspended temporarily due to the virus.

According to what Apple posted on its official blog, the company has closed all of its offices and stores in China, in addition to extending the Foxconn factories holiday for days after the Chinese New Year, all because of the spread of Corona virus will have a negative impact on the quantities produced and sold from iPhone, and now factories have returned IPhone to work but at a slower pace than usual and it will affect production capacity, thus shipments, sales and revenue.

Apple has also returned to the opening of its official stores in China gradually, and opened the centers of its contracts and official offices, but the demand for Apple products around the world has not been affected, and it is still within the company’s expectations, but because China represents the most important international markets, the decline in its sales there will inevitably affect the company’s revenues.

While Apple had taken a previous step in the financial results announced at the end of last January as it set a wide scope for its expected financial revenues in the following quarter, but this margin was not sufficient and it is expected to achieve less revenue, which prompted Apple to publish an unusual official press release. , Noting that Tim Cook stated that the company will double its financial contributions to encourage efforts to combat the spread of the virus, by accurately disclosing the amount of its donations.


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