Ashraf Zaki: The funeral of the great actress Nadia Lotfy will take place tomorrow, not today


The artist said Ashraf Zaki, captain of the acting professions, in exclusive statements for “The Seventh Day”, as it is raging for the funeral of the artist Nadia Lotfy Today, who left our world a little while ago, after making a great career in her artistic career in cinema.

It is noteworthy that Nadia Lotfy was born in 1937 and performed her first acting roles at ten years of age and was on the stage of the school to confront the audience for the first time, she got a diploma of the German school in 1955, discovered by director Ramsis Naguib to present the movie “Sultan” with the star Farid Shawqi in 1958, she starred During the era of the sixties and seventies of the last century and presented a large number of works, she was known for her national and humanitarian activities since her youth, so she had an important role in caring for the wounded, injured and prisoners in the Egyptian and Arab wars, starting from the triple aggression in 1956 and the subsequent wars, especially the October War 73, her latest series. “People of Children of People” 19 93 To stop him after acting, satisfied with her human activity.

Her long career in her artistic career is characterized by struggle, patriotism and artistic creativity since it was discovered by director Ramses Naguib and presented in “Sultan” with the star Farid Shawqi in 1958.

“Sultan”, the story of Jalil Al Bandary, and the scenario of Mr. Badir, starring the monster of the screen, the artist Farid Shawky, the artist Nadia Lotfi, the Dengwan Rushdi Abaza, the artist Berlanty Abdel Hamid, the able artist Tawfiq Al-Dakan, and the artist Samiha Tawfiq

The story revolves around the “Sultan” of the poor child who grows up and becomes a military correspondent for one of the major brigades. He enjoys the sympathy of “Essam”, the police officer, the son of the brigade. And, by abandoning the service, he is punished with expulsion from the army and imprisonment, and when he fails to prove his innocence, “Sultan” turns into a criminal path to fate for him to create an unwanted confrontation between him and the officer “Essam”, who has long been sympathetic to him before.


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