Barber from far away … a new trick to prevent corona virus … “video”


Twitter pioneers traded a video of a Chinese hairdresser creating a protective style while shaving, while it was not possible to verify his authenticity, as some indicated that the video was intended to ridicule.

The Erm News news site stated that the video circulated was said to be in China, where the innovation of one of the hairdressers shows a new preventive technique while performing his profession, in order to avoid the transmission of the new Corona virus infection.

The video shows the barber where he tied the comb in sticks, and the razor in the other stick, which allows him to stay away from the person who shaves him, while wearing a muzzle on the face for fear of infection Corona virus.

It is noteworthy that Donald Trump, the American President, said that the United States of America comes first in the face of the Corona virus, and the American President added, during a press conference, that his country has 15 cases of coronavirus, some of whom have recovered from the disease, and that nearly 2 have been allocated One and a half billion to tackle the deadly virus, and it may take more.

The US President indicated that he assigned his deputy, Mike Pence, to follow up on the Corona virus currently spread in a number of countries in the world, and that the United States is ready to cooperate with health and medical agencies to confront the virus.

It is indicated that The Saudi government issued a decision to suspend entry to the kingdom for minor pilgrims And the visit to the Holy Mosque of the Prophet temporarily, while the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs made it clear that the competent health authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia closely follow developments in the spread of the new Corona virus (19-COVID), And the Ministry affirms the keenness of the Kingdom’s government, through those bodies, to implement the approved international standards, and support the efforts of states and international organizations, especially the World Health Organization, to stop the spread of the virus, besiege it and eliminate it, God willing.


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