Basaloush youth center is ready to face Al-Ahly in the top of the league .. Video


Mortada Mansour, Chairman of the Zamalek Board of Directors, justified his reason for refusing to play the next top match against Al-Ahly in the League, scheduled for February 24.

Murtada Mansour said in televised statements on the Zamalek channel: “Al-Ahly players will return broken and frustrated after the loss, and if the summit is insisted I will send a youth center in Bhaloush to confront them.”

He added: “I am interested in Al-Ahly’s victory over Sun Downs, and Al-Tarji wants to take his revenge, and we will not play the top game to preserve the players of both teams, Zamalek fans in the Arab world 200 million fans.

He continued: “I thank Al-Ahly team for a respectable match. The match was not reversed until after Kahraba participated in the meeting. Respected coach Fyler performed a respectable match.”

The President of Zamalek continued: “We rejoiced the child, Adham in his cemetery, and tell his father (your son came in the last super to win the championship and lost it, and God could not live, and we played badly against today’s game).”

“I say to the fans, we have a match before us on 28th in front of Esperance, which was approved by 30,000 fans,” he said. If anybody from Ultras thinks to attend the match, and create a riot, it will be the last experience of the fans attending, The first club president to win 11 championships in 3 or 4 years is the club president who is insulted every day. “

Zamalek won the Egyptian Super title for the fourth time in its history after defeating Al-Ahly with penalty kicks in the match that was held tonight at Mohammed bin Zayed Stadium in the UAE capital Abu Dhabi.


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