Basem Samra attacks Muhammad Ramadan after “There is no awareness in his consciousness”: “Satan chased him .. and his horse” – Art and Culture


The artist, Bassem Samra, attacked the artist Mohamed Ramadan, because of the latter’s statement in which he said that “Samra” was not conscious when he pushed him into a wedding.

Ramadan said during his interview on the “Ninth Evening” program, with the journalist Wael Al-Ibrashi, on the “Egyptian Television” screen: “This was Farah’s friend and big brother from Al-Munib, and I saw the video and took my mind, and in the name of my brother, my friend, my beloved, and I was unconscious because if he was in His consciousness, the North’s hands are ready. ”

Samra said during a telephone conversation with the media Amr Adib, the presenter of the program “Al-Hekaya”, which is displayed on the screen “mbc Egypt”: “I am not answered because I am a respectable son, and I invite him for a short feature film, where we will participate in a joint championship, even if you say I am a number.” And that I am Horrick. ”

And he added: “I love Ramadan, I don’t know the devil who was driving him or not, I was embracing him while he was my brother.” And Samra got up on the air, saying: “I don’t know what a fool they say, I say to my mother, my sister, and my daughters, uh, on the fool that they say this, stay healthy for yourself Someone who curses or lessens me, especially when there is a small family.


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