Bashir El-Tabei: The president of Zamalek did not send the team and the bus


Bashir Al-Tabei said that what happened today is not a surprise, and the club president announced that he would not participate in the match, and he did not announce that he would participate in junior or non-junior players.

He added during a phone conversation with the media, Iman Al-Hosari, on the club’s “DMC Evening” program, the club president did not send the team yet and did not know the bus was going, where the two clubs reacted completely, because Al-Ahly did not announce not attending the match, but the head of the Zamalek club objected from the first moment The club does not have the right to set the conditions for attending the match, and this crisis must be managed intelligently because I expect a catastrophe in the coming period. The scene is disastrous, especially since it is between the Al-Ahly club and the Zamalek club and it is difficult for one of the parties to be satisfied. He who has the right gets it.

The Lithuanian referee Gediminas Masika blew his whistle, announcing the cancellation of the match between Al-Ahly and Zamalek, which was scheduled to be held at half past eight this evening, at Cairo International Stadium, as part of the fourth round rounds of the life of the league competition..

Al-Ahly players were present at the match court, but Zamalek players did not arrive due to the bus breakdown at the top of the October Bridge.

Al-Ahly leads the top of the Premier League competition with 45 points from winning the full score in 15 games, and Al-Ahly faces Zamalek at the Egyptian Football Summit at the Cairo Stadium this evening within the four rounds of the fourth round of the league, after the two poles met last Thursday evening at Mohammed bin Zayed Stadium in Abu Dhabi in the local super in The meeting in which Zamalek won 3/4 of the penalty shoot-out, Al-Ahly and Zamalek are back with a thrilling confrontation this evening, but without an audience, which is the match that the two teams enter with the motive of winning only, Al-Ahly desires to regain consideration after falling against Zamalek in the last Super Summit despite the fact that the red Ka The most dominating and dominating match.

Al-Ahly is also looking to maintain its impressive local record after winning 15 of the 15 matches it played in the League Championship, to score the full score with 45 points and has two matches postponed and Al-Ahly has not lost or drawn any games so far, while Zamalek is looking to confirm its superiority over Al-Ahly by winning it once Others in a few days, especially that Al-Abiad is currently enjoying a great period now after winning two tournaments in a week. He won the African super at the expense of Tunisian Taraji in Doha, then the local super was settled at the expense of Al-Ahly in the Emirates, which gives the Patrice Carteron battalion the technical manager of Zamalek a good moral boost. Before the first summit Anticipated as the White Knight wants to revive their hopes in the competition for the league title, which flirts with Al-Ahli.


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