Basma about her divorce from Amr Hamzawy: Personal and worldly reasons are not easy


Relationships and society


Basma spoke about her relationship with her ex-husband, Dr. Amr Hamzawy, a professor of political science and a member of the previous parliament, during her meeting with Lamis Al-Hadidi on the “Cairo Now” program broadcast on the “Al-Hadath” satellite channel.

Basma denied that the separation was due to political positions, adding: “The separation for personal reasons has nothing to do with politics, and I and Amr between us Nadia and we cultivate it with the utmost respect and we have a relationship of friendship and friendship and I deal with Amr Abu Benti.”

Basma reveals the reason for her separation from Amr Hamzawy

And on the reason for their separation despite the story of love between them: “The world is not easy, but we who exported to people The world is easy, the hero and the heroine will live in hill and plant, and they will leave boys and girls, and the land of reality is not easy and smooth.”

Basma confirmed that Nadia has a good relationship with her father and sisters from her father, noting that she, too, has a good relationship with Nadias sisters and her mother: “We discuss all the time in all matters related to Nadia.”

And about her change after her birth, Basma said: “Motherhood changed everything that I had, and I had another one, and I understood that I am not the center of the world, and that life is responsibilities, not a journey in which there is room and salvation, and I understood the responsibility that I am equipped with the children of Adam.


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