Basma Wahba criticizes Muhammad Ramadan because of the pilot: “Be aware of the world’s deceit” – art and culture


The media, Basma Wahba, commented on the video published by the artist Mohamed Ramadan, through his account on the Instagram photo and video exchange site, in which he mocked The separation of pilot pilot Ashraf Abu Al-Yusr.

And “Wahba” said, in the program “Every Day”, broadcast on the “ON” screen, “Muhammad Ramadan, instead of being honest, used lying, and instead of urbanization, he appeared as if he lived in the role of his slave of death, and he will come down to block the street and sleep the people from Morocco.”

She added that Muhammad Ramadan, who claims to be “a grandfather and a son of a country,” promised the pilot, that he would stand by him, solve the problem, and wanted to be a hero in front of the people, imagining that people would forget, but when the problem escalated, he thought his fans would support him as he always sings and says that His fans “are in his back.”

And she went on to say that Ramadan, from the wealth of what he sang to himself, believed himself, forgetting that the Egyptians were not satisfied with injustice and “lack of alienation”, so he deleted the video, in which the pilot accused him of blackmailing, because he feared the reactions of the audience.

She pointed out that Ramadan’s lie and his evasion of solving the problem caused the public to attack him, and instead of reviewing himself, he mocked the people and the pilot, through the video that he posted on his account on “Instagram”, asking: “Is this a way to solve the crisis by making fun of all people? ? ”

I sent a message to Ramadan saying: “Boss, son, let me tell you, son, by virtue of the fact that you are a young man who has achieved success that no one denies … but you are still at the beginning of the road, and the real success is to continue.” Our conscience as symbols of this country, not only for their artistic success, but because they were not arrogant, and did not make fun of their colleagues.

And she continued: “The tone of the people is completely blasphemous from me … O man, even the great artist Ismail Yassin has not been spared from your tongue and ridicule”, asking Ramadan to review himself, his relationship with his colleagues, and his social role, pending, “Be aware of the deceit of the world.”


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