Because of a cup of tea .. A flight attendant causes a baby burn


An 18-month-old girl suffered horrific burns after being overwhelmed by flight attendant “Boiling Tea” during a flight.

A report published in the British newspaper “Daily Mail” that this incident occurred during the return of the child “Lily” accompanied by her parents, “Joe Mirza” and “Holly Hunter”, who are from “West Yorkshire” in England, to their homeland, after spending a family vacation in the city ” Cancun “Mexican.

The girl’s parents stated that a flight attendant at “TUI Airways” poured boiled tea on the leg of the infant while she was providing drinks to the passengers; the crew of the plane subsequently entered to perform the first aid to the girl, and it was found that she had suffered severe burns as a result.

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The parents lodged a formal complaint, and the airline that followed the flight is investigating the incident.

The father also decided to share snapshots showing the size of the injuries suffered by his daughter due to the flight attendant through his account on the social networking site “Facebook”. These shots were interacted by a large number of pioneers, to the extent that they were shared more than 60,000 times.

The father indicated that he was looking for eyewitnesses who were present on the trip that witnessed this incident, which was heading from “Cancun” to the city of “Manchester” last month; It was a lie, pointing to an attempt to cover up what happened in his opinion.

But an airline spokesperson confirmed that passenger safety is a top priority for the airline, adding that the crew members immediately took first aid to the girl and did everything in their power to help the family; and he indicated that a thorough investigation is being carried out into the incident, and the girl’s parents will be contacted after The investigation is finished.

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