Beware … a deceptive message on WhatsApp alleging that a cure for Corona virus has been found


Over the past few days, the deadly new Corona virus has invaded China, which has infected thousands of people and led to a massive travel ban. In conjunction with the world’s dismay of this dangerous virus, a circulated scam message has been circulating on WhatsApp, which is called discovering a cure for the virus, Which was sent thousands of times between users during the past days.

According to the British “Mirror” website, the message indicates that garlic can treat the virus, as the message says: “Please resend it, good news. Corona virus in Wuhan can be treated with one bowl of freshly boiled garlic water, as an old Chinese doctor has proven its effectiveness Many patients also confirmed that this is effective. All you need is eight (8) cloves of minced garlic and 7 (cups) of water, then boil the ingredients. Eating and drinking boiled garlic water will make you feel better overnight. Don’t forget to share the message”.

WhatsApp message
WhatsApp message

British health services were suspended NHS On this message, she says: “There is no specific treatment for coronavirus, as existing treatments aim to reduce symptoms while your body fights the virus.”

And if you receive the message, WhatsApp recommends that you delete it and not forward it to any of your contacts, saying: “We always recommend that you block the sender and ignore the message and delete it, to avoid exposing the contacts to potential harm, so please do not forward these messages to them.”“.

It is worth noting that Facebook has taken strict measures against misinformation about Corona virus on its platform, which is to delete the content that leads to misleading information about the Corona virus, and the matter comes at a time when the company is trying very hard to stop the spread of treatments and false lies around the social networking site.


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