Big Brother 39 .. Big Brother series Episode 39, starring Mohamed Ragab, through the CBC Drama channel


The Big Brother Episode 39 Followers of the series “Big Brother” of the young star Mohammed Ragab are awaiting the presentation of episode 39 of the dramatic work, this evening, Tuesday 25 February 2020, at eight in the evening Egypt time on the CBC channel, especially after the past episodes witnessed exciting developments in a war escape from Police and search for innocence.

The Big Brother series, episode 39

And it is possible that the 38th episode of the Big Brother series will witness the arrival of the war of Abu Rujaila to a new thread in the case, especially after he met Suzy, who told him that Sharif Al-Basha knows everything and that he was with her at the time of the incident, as well as obtaining some information from Souad Siddiq Safia, whom she worked with in Suzy’s shop.

The last episode of the series Mohamed Ragab revealed the existence of a vengeful desire from Rania Mallah for Karim who had a relationship with her, and left her and unite with Umrah’s friend who also wants to get rid of him, after he kidnapped his girlfriend Zina, who plays the role of the artist Randa Al-Behairi, and established a relationship with her In his home, the two will play an important role in the upcoming episodes of the series.

The Big Brother series written by Ahmed Abdel-Fattah and directed by Ismail Farouk and produced by Synergy Company, starring Mohamed Ragab, Abeer Sabry, Heba Magdy, Dina Fouad, Mohamed Ezz, Ashraf Zaki, Mahmoud Hegazy, Randa Al-Behairi, Hajar Ahmed, Ehab Fahmy, Mohsen Mansour, Rania navigator.

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