Bill Gates yacht at a fictional cost .. learn about its specifications .. pictures


Software giant Bill Gates has unveiled the construction of the world’s first luxury hydrogen yacht at a fictional sum, believing that investing in new clean technology is the best way to cut carbon emissions.

Gates stands the second richest man in the world behind the construction of a high-tech technology ship with high-spec specifications through the use of the Dutch super yacht giant “Fideship” Feadship»According to the Telegraph.

The design depends on the giant ship’s hull.Aqua“It is 112 meters long after it was exhibited last year at the Monaco Yacht Show by Dutch naval engineers, Senot.

Its aim was to attract billionaires who are interested in the environment, and cost the construction of the yacht $ 650 million (equivalent to about 10 billion Egyptian pounds).

The yacht comes with impressive specifications, as the back reveals 3 steps on the floor, in the middle of the floor is a large imaginary pool with attached spacious reception, while the second floor consists of a celebration room, while the driving room is in the middle of the third floor.

Bill Gates classifies the founder of the technology giant Microsoft Microsoft As the second richest man in the world, he is considered a famous maker of luxury yachts.

Nevertheless, Gates did not own his own yacht in the past, but preferred to rent yachts during summer trips around the Mediterranean, but he decided now to build the most luxurious yacht in the world environmentally friendly.

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