Biodegradable plastic as one of the green alternatives between the scientific foundations and mixing the leaves


Nothing in our daily life is not subject to controversy, nor is one of the world’s matters except that people differ on it, and if groups of them meet on a common thing .. we disagree a lot and agree a little, so it is not correct to settle the dispute in favor of one party over the other with a kind of exclusion, but we can disagree Then we agree on the basis of a rule or a rule or what is left between people naturally .. And one of the fiercest types of controversy is the scientific debate, so if two parties differed about something, and each party came up with his argument, we find ourselves in front of a situation of dispersal of the matter, especially if the subject of our dispute relates to As a person’s health or the preservation of the environment, as we always witness the heated debate over plastics and its environmental damage and the necessity of On paper as an alternative to the safe.

In talking about this controversy, the question that asked itself appears, is that plastic is harmful to the environment? .. Yes, because it does not degrade except after hundreds, but thousands of years, but its advantages are still irreparable compared to other alternatives, and the biggest problem is to reduce the environmental impact of plastic and consider it the only polluter without Consider the environmental impact most harmful to other alternatives, such as global warming and forest exploitation … and others, and not to consider carbon foot print.

But are there any types of plastic that are not harmful to the environment? Yes, there are some harmless types … which are the ones that decompose plastic after a short and predetermined period of time to complete its decomposition. So, what is the scientific debate about this type of plastic then?

The scientific debate about organically analyzed plastics relates to the biodegradation process for it, and the controversy has not yet been resolved, and the parties, whether scientific, industrial or commercial, are still searching for a root solution to end this controversy.

The problem is not in the scientific arguments, because the arguments do not lead to controversy but rather mixing matters and papers that cause this, so we find a difference here defending the biomass dissolved plastic, and others there are glorification in the paper, and some still confuse the soluble plastic materials only through oxidation (Oxo degradable (- and biodegradable plastics by oxidation as well)oxo biodegradable plasticDuring the process of decomposing the first type, the plastic material breaks into small particles but does not biodegrade biologically after that, or in other words “completely”. As for the second type (biodegradable plastics), the process of its degradation witnesses a severe decrease in the molecular weight. molecular weight To the plastic components, which makes it a suitable environment suitable for the life of bacteria and living organisms, which in turn digest and analyze these molecules, which are no longer plastic, but rather small molecular weight carbon compounds, which results in harmless substances such as carbon dioxide, water, and biomass ( bio-mass ). This was proven in the scientific research submitted by Queen Mary University in London, which in turn also proved that the plastic samples that were tested were analyzed biologically in the conditions and climate of normal life and not only in the atmosphere of the laboratory and under its effects.

The biodegradation process referred to is carried out under the addition of a substance D2W During the process of manufacturing the plastic material, as most scientific studies conducted on the process of biodegradation of plastic concluded that it was feasible to resort to it as a safe option for human health, and environmentally friendly. The substance has been testedD2W Centered CNEP ((Center National d’Evaluation de Photoprotection It is an independent research center at the University of Blaise Pascal, France, which confirmed the biodegradation of the substance according to AFNOR T51-808. In addition to the susceptibility of this type of plastic to recycling, and that it is less energy and water-consuming, which are all goals that enhance the environmental and health system of the Egyptian state, as proven scientifically through tests ASTM D6954 Tier 3- passing Eco toxicity test The residues from the degradation process of plastics do not have toxic effects on plants and wildlife, and they are biodegradable.

By explaining the difference between plastics that degrade only and plastics that degrade organically, we must note that the European Parliament’s issuance last June directed the necessity to limit the use of biodegradable plastics through oxidation. Oxo-degradable plastics , Which caused a degree of confusion among some about the reality of the European position on biodegradable plastics through oxidation, which necessitated the necessity of ensuring that the European Parliament did not prohibit biodegradable plastics in any way, but rather limited the guidance to plastic For decomposition only without continuing with the biodegradation process.

On the other hand, we find about twenty-five countries that have resorted to biodegradable plastics as the best solution to address the waste crisis, according to their climatic and economic conditions, to suit the material for different atmospheres. It also showed the results of preliminary studies conducted by the main authority in this regard, namely the Chemical Agency ECHA, Which is the reference laboratory of the European Union, the lack of evidence of the growth of plastic particles within the soil after the decomposition of biodegradable plastics by oxidation and thus no environmental damage during the biodegradation process of the plastic bags.

As for the claims that biodegradable plastics are not recycled, according to a study conducted by an institution European Plastic Converters In November 2017, it was later answered by studies conducted by leading research centers in plastic materials research, including a university University Blaise Transfer center fur French, and the Plastic Technology Center in Austria Pascal Kunststofftechnik And other specialized centers, and indeed, during these studies, hundreds of thousands of tons of biodegradable plastics were recycled during the last five years in various countries of the world using this technology such as the Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

It must also be made clear again that the process of biodegradable plastic degradation takes a time ranging from 6 months to 5 years, according to the added product and according to the customer’s requirements used to make it appropriate for different storage work up to 5 years and under different climatic environments, not as believed and promoted by some error The period of decomposition begins within 72 months of exposure to high temperature or UV radiation.

In particular, false news is being circulated about the ruling of the Milan court against a company Symphony environmentalThe correct news is a company claim KROMABATCH SRL That use an add-on d2w They fertilize according toASTM D6400 And it is what you did not claim Symphony In fact, d2w Decompose according to ASTM D6954 It is a case similar to the case of commercial fraud, and there is nothing in the ruling that calls into question conformity d2w For ASTM D6954.

While facing the d2w Unrealistic criticism and claims without evidence, the technology has received more than approval in the Middle East before ESMA AndSASO. Therefore, in talking about any scientific controversy, we must delve deeper into studying both positions, both supportive and opposed, objectively aiming to refer to the best solution that serves the human being and ensures the safety of his health and preservation of his environment, and we move away from the passions and confusion of papers so that we do not find ourselves in a circle of no less dangerous which is the circle of economic damages Because the destruction of major industries will result from such a decision. Each country has its own solutions and alternatives that are in line with their conditions and conditions to achieve public benefit.


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