Black photo from Wuhan … Chinese die in their homes, “no hope”


Source: Washington – Bandar Al-Doshi

There is no doubt that Wuhan is the starting place Corona Virus In her new version, she lives in a dark tunnel, under the awe of the high numbers of patients who were toppled by this murderous guest.

In this context, the New York Times painted a bleak picture of the situation in that Chinese city affected by the virus and the disruption of its economy, talking about the numbers of the injured and the dead far exceeding what the Chinese authorities are talking about.

It also indicated that the Chinese are dying in their homes amid a serious deterioration in health services and hospital filling of HIV patients.

In addition, the American newspaper carried the story of Ann Jianhua, 67, who had a fever and had been waiting in line for seven hours outside the hospital in the cold, in the hope of testing for the new Corona virus, which doctors suspected of being infected.

But as hospitals and treatment centers became crowded with patients, the nurses had no choice but to give them “intravenous nutrients only”!

Since then, Ann has quarantined herself at home. She would eat separately with her son, who lives with her.

The masks do not leave the house, and El-Sayedo and her son periodically cleaned the apartment.

“I can’t let my mom die.”

For his part, Ibn Ann said: “” I cannot let my mom die at home. Every day I want to cry, but when I cry there are no tears there is no hope. ”

As countries race to cope with an outbreak that has begun to spread across the world, causing panic and disrupting the global economy, Wuhan residents battle a daily battle to survive a disease that has claimed more than 224 lives and injured 4,100 people in their city alone.

Last month, the government placed the city under virtual stone, closed it and banned most public transportation and private cars from its streets in a desperate attempt to contain the spread of the disease.

But the situation in the city of 11 million people continues to worsen, with many residents stressing that it has become impossible to get the health care they need or even be diagnosed with the virus.

Corona (archive - AFP)
Corona (archive – AFP)

Long lines and lack of services

Doctors in the affected city also confirm that there is a lack of testing tools and other medical supplies, and it is not clear why more are not available.

Moreover, the long lines outside the hospitals indicate that the outbreak has become large and far exceeds the official number announced.

In addition, residents also confirm that there is difficulty in accessing ambulances, and some have even talked about a long waiting list for those who want to obtain such medical assistance.

Several also reported having to wait hours in overcrowded rooms where the infection spread easily.

Construction of a Corona treatment hospital (Archives - France Press)
Construction of a Corona treatment hospital (Archives – France Press)

On the other hand, many doctors and residents are pinning their hopes on two new hospitals, which China itself is racing to build in Wuhan within a few days. One of them spans about eight acres, contains 1,000 beds, and is scheduled to open on Monday.

On Sunday, city officials announced plans to set up quarantine stations around Wuhan for people who have symptoms of pneumonia and have close contact between patients with the HIV virus.

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