Can you live for $ 170?


Source: London – Arabic.Net and agencies

The Russian President, Vladimir Putin, was subjected to a sudden embarrassment by a woman who was intercepted on Wednesday in a square in Saint Petersburg, where he was born and raised 67 years ago, and far away from Finland, 700 kilometers from Moscow.

He had finished laying a wreath on the shrine of his teacher and city mayor Anatoli Sobshak before his departure in 2000 at the age of 63, when curious bystanders crowded around him, including the ones who intercepted him and asked him without introductions: “Answer me please, can you live for 10,800 rubles a month?” ? So $ 170.

He replied, “This is difficult, I think.” And the questioner answered and said: “I imagine that your salary is 800 thousand, right?” That is, approximately 12.600 dollars, while the minimum wage in Russia is 190 dollars, so he answered and said: “Ok, but there are many of them, the salary of each of them exceeds that. The president’s salary is not the largest,” which is what we hear in Russian in a video that Al found. On Russian news sites, and I have seen translations of what I quoted from his dialogue with those who intercepted them, which are summarized through the agencies.

She followed the questioner, and told Putin that the situation was difficult for her and on others. “Once you go to the grocery store, you will spend 1000 rubles in it. As for public services, it costs you 4000 too.” Noting that the two numbers are half of her salary goes to the grocer and services, the president replied and said: “It is clear that you Right, and the government must find solutions to many social problems. ” She answered and asked: “So why do they not find solutions?” He replied, “We do it and find solutions” without saying more. Then she asked to take a picture with him, and Putin answered her request.

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