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“Your mother is north, my friend.” .. As far as the first part of the phrase was shocking, the second part was honest. The word “my friend” that you responded with was very sincere and real. The session in which it was said was friendly without borders, in which the two friends exchanged silver. Silver, comfort, and a sense of safety, they reached him with a cannabis cigarette which they drank together.

In cannabis sessions, friends open their hearts, talk about their problems, tell stories that begin with unemployment and poverty, go through the gossip of “the north bit”, and reach the dream of marrying the “girl of the neighbors.”

The session at which the phrase was said ended with a heinous crime, in which the listener said the phrase, because it was tragic over all previous sessions in which one of them never decided to press the other’s wound and be honest with the bitter truth, the fact that one of them was “his mother and sister north” and that the other was “precedent and thug” .

The accident happened in the Dar es Salaam district of Cairo, and it was published by a number of websites, and it happened – not coincidental at all – that there is a festival called “Your Mother North” by Hama Beca.

Dealing with the incident as one of the reasons for the festival, it may seem logical, but it is not fair at all, because the festivals display a disease, and the disease here is called “cannabis sessions.”

Hashish sessions in Egypt are not all tragedies as the details of the accident, but most of them laughed, lit up, and hadiths of sex, interspersed with many hopes and dreams of a happy ending. An end in which one of them is a hero, in terms of dollars and cars, away from the frustrations of reality in ignorance, poverty, mediation and patronage.

Do not ruin the idea of ​​the festival, because it has heroes like them, from the quagmire of “your mother north” to the dream of the “girl of the neighbors”. Just try to polish him. Deal calmly with the songs of the festivals, do not succumb to “hysteria”, try to contain Hassan Shakush and Omar Kamal, they apologized for the words “wines and hashish” at the “Bint Al Jeeran” festival and vowed to stay away from obscenity, either to succeed and find a way out to the surface to be a message to Everyone who is far away that society welcomes them, or forget them and leave them and they will go as others have gone before we no longer remember them.

Who now remembers Ahmed Ezzat and Ali Samara with the festival “Ayem in Bahr Al-Ghadr .. Shat Al-Nadala Mlyn”, which is the festival that he heard from everyone and sung in it? Who now remembers the children of Salim with their festival, “There is no friend who accompanies”?

They ceded in order to leave al-Barah, and they dealt with mentioning “hashish” in the festival with a bit of reason, instead of turning the festival into a hideous reality, as is the case in “your mother north, my friend.”

Do not put pressure on cannabis users and leave them with an outlet to escape from the bitter truth, which no longer only hits “the one whose mother is north” and “the bully”, but rather strikes in the depths of all classes of Egyptians, and let them have a little dream represented in a hero representing them.

If you do not believe me, inhale a deep breath, dear reader, and look around carefully, trying to think about who are using it around you, but do not panic, as hashish is not mostly harmful and fatal, because if it were, this country would have blown us as if we were on the crater.

And in order not to explode us, either you prevent it completely – which is impossible to happen because all these wounds are not permissible now – or give his drinkers a simple breath and a little bit of ease.

The dream has gone, the ability to imagine any of them imagined that no matter how simple, uneducated, ignorant, uneducated, and incompetent, a day may come when he dressed in the hero, star, and millionaire.

Muhammad Ramadan was a good example of this al-Barrah for a while, but you burned it quickly, loaded it beyond his power, he no longer represented them and was no longer able to mention their sessions in his deeds and songs, he could not mention “wines and cannabis”, until the final blow came in his hand not in your hand, When he, in all condescension, abandoned the “arrested pilot”.

Some may marvel at Mohamed Ramadan’s response to the arrest of the arrested pilot by saying that he is facing a war because “no one from the simple class should reach this success and the masses.”

Muhammad Ramadan realizes that he is a representative of a sample of citizens who have never risen to the surface, oppressed by everyone because they do not want to confront them, they do not want to admit that they have become the pent-up majority that escapes from what is in them with cigarettes.

Muhammad Ramadan ascended to the roof with them, embracing success and the masses thanks to the roles that represent them, from “Abdo Mouta”, through “Habisha” to “The Legend”.

The money of Muhammad Ramadan and his car that he boasts is not in fact nothing but to address the dreams of his “class”, caressing the imagination of a hashish cigarette, and a message to every miserable: “It is possible that one day you become a new Ramadan of Ramadan”, but all this is no longer of value recently, as he lost His most important characteristics, after he exaggerated the ostentation, and “believed himself” and lived the role of the gifted intellectual, in addition to losing his most important characteristic that might be characterized by “the sons of his class” in the crisis of the arrested pilot, which is “Aljdana”.

And because Muhammad Ramadan’s calamities did not come unilaterally, as did all the calamities, “Number One” found himself facing Hama Beca, Hassan Shakoush and other festivals who are still able to sing the sessions of the real heroes and their “wines and hashish”.

Muhammad Ramadan did not find himself able to confront them with the same reasons as his masses among the class that is far from the surface, so he tried to summon the “simple class” by responding to the pilot’s crisis, saying: “They fight me because I am among you.”

The state recently erred in allowing Mohamed Ramadan to get too close to it as if it supported him, and is now more wrong with Hama Beca and Hassan Shakush by draining them from them more violently.

Neither too close nor violent exclusion The problem of festivals can be solved, because it is in fact deeper than just the words of a song, it is a cloud of hashish smoke passing over the guarded sky, so treat it with care.

And finally we have to tackle the big problem .. If we don’t, we will drown.

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