Caroline Flack … mysterious suicide after Valentine’s Day (informational video)


Fashion fans and international model followers Caroline Flack collided with the news of her suicide recently, after her family revealed the death of their missing woman inside her apartment in London, which is the news that shocked her followers who did not expect Caroline Flack’s death in this sudden manner, after a long march of fame gained her through presenting the most famous programs Besides her work in the field of fashion and fashion.

A few hours ago, the family of the famous actress and anchor, Caroline Flack, announced that her body had been found inside her apartment in the English city of London, after her suicide following the great psychological pressures he had been exposed to recently.

On a tour of the account of the anchor “Love Island”, which has more than 2.4 million followers, the last thing she posted with her selfie dog was a few hours before she committed suicide.

According to the British Daily Mail newspaper, the family of the 40-year-old actress found her body in her apartment a few hours after her suicide after Valentine’s night, and the British newspaper highlighted in her report, the celebration of her boyfriend’s famous tennis player, Valentine’s Day, and published a picture of their gathering and wrote on it. Happy Valentine’s Day, I love you. ”

Flack was to stand trial a few weeks later for assaulting a former boyfriend, Louis Burton, in his apartment last December, and he sustained separate injuries as a result of being hit by a light bulb.

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