Carton: Zamalek’s confrontation with Esperance in the Champions League differs from the super


French coach Carteron, the first team coach of the Zamalek club, confirmed that he is very excited to run in the African Champions League quarter-finals.

The coach added in the press conference that the team needs a great effort in the match of Esperance to overcome a large team and won the title in the last two copies.

The technical director stressed that Joseph Obama The team player is absent due to stress due to the many matches that he participated in, and the same is true for Mohamed Awad, who also complained of a slight injury.

Carteron explained that the technical staff has solutions in the presence of more than one player who can play in more than one position.

He stressed that facing Esperance tomorrow differs from the Super African match because facing the Champions League is two games back and forth and will have special accounts different from the Super Meeting.

The coach indicated that his goal now is to win tomorrow’s match in Cairo, and he will search for solutions to make up for the absence of Obama, but he is looking forward to winning in the first 90 minutes before traveling to Rades.

With regard to the crisis of the local super match against Al-Ahly, the coach said: “What happened after the last local super meeting is a matter of forgetting, but we have to take advantage of winning two championships to give the players a moral boost.”

He made it clear that he is not currently focusing on talking about the League match that the team did not play and focuses on the match between Esperance.

The coach added that the attendance of the fans tomorrow is a catalyst for the players in the match, especially as Zamalek has already won two local and African Super Championships in the presence of the fans.

Carteron added that the squad’s competitive schedule and the Champions League matches attract large energy from the players and he hopes that the players will be fully prepared for tomorrow’s meeting.


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